At Saint Mary's, we strongly believe that children should develop an enjoyment of written and spoken language. We teach children to read and speak fluently with access to a wide range of vocabulary to enable them to articulate their thoughts, opinions and learning experiences in a creative, clear and concise way.

Reading is an integral part of learning at Saint Mary’s. We have recently overhauled our provision of reading by dedicating the heart of the school to a fabulous new library, which comes complete with beanbags and comfy chairs to allow the children to relax in an environment conducive to developing a love of reading. We have heavily invested in a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction books, (including playscripts, poetry and comic books) designed to appeal to both genders and all ages.

We also use the ‘assess, plan, do and review’ with all children to inform our planning for reading. Guided reading sessions take place daily and children who need more support have access to one to one reading.

We believe reading in a wide range of media is essential to keep children inspired and develop a love for reading, and as a result, the children have access to several online learning opportunities. Every child has an account with Lexia, (http://www.lexiauk.co.uk/) and can also access free online books on www.oxfordowl.co.uk

To access the each year group’s objectives for reading, writing and grammar, punctuation and spelling, please click on the links.