We have four houses and this year we have renamed the house teams to reflect Saints who achieved great things.  All the children have all been allocated a house and children who have siblings in the school have been put in the same house teams.  Each house has two House Captains and two Vice House Captains.  The house teams are as follows:




House Captains

Vice House Captains

Saint Therese of Lisieux


Imogen Rhoades

Riley Setterfield

Jennifer Famoso

Owen Pendreguast

Saint John Bosco


Katarzyna Grzmeninska

Adrian Wisniewski

Tegan McAuliffe

Adam Morsley

Saint Francis of Assisi


Skye Backhurst

Connor Thompson

Teegan Barker

Ethan Pitcher

Saint Bernadette Soubirous


Olivia Hides

Joshua Poulton

Layla Carter

Tyler Finlayson




Congratulations to the children who were voted into the positions of responsibility by their house.  All the children are really excited to be part of the school houses and are keen to earn house points each week to add to their house teams totals. Children will have some house assemblies where they will have the opportunity to decide and plan

     Assemblies to be delivered to the rest of the school

     Inter house choir celebrations,

     Inter house sports events,

     House charity days

     Celebrations for their house Saint’s day

     House banner

     House hymn

     Any other events