Holy Family Catholic Academy

Holy Family Catholic Academy

Choosing a secondary school is a big decision in the life of any young person and will affect not only what happens to them in the next few years but also in their future. Before making your choice based on the proximity of schools in the local area, we hope to give you information about Holy Family Catholic Academy, so that you can be confident in your preferred choice of secondary.

HFCA is a small academy with an ethos similar to what your child has experienced at Saint Mary’s Catholic Primary. The Academy’s ethos is centred on family values of respect, support and high expectations. They welcome students from all backgrounds, regardless of their religious beliefs, whether they have a faith or not and are inclusive and welcoming to all. Holy Family is a setting which promotes respect for self and others, collaboration, good conduct, and contribution to the common good. They place great importance on the happiness of all their pupils promoting a strong sense of school community and an environment in which the self-worth of each individual is developed and respected.

Since opening as a new Academy, it has gone from strength to strength. Their vision is to create an environment where students love learning and strive for excellence. With personalised support and excellent teaching, students leave with the key skills they need to not only succeed in their education, but in life. HFCA’s progress last year was significantly above the government’s floor target and also above their own target for expected levels of progress meaning that, on average, HFCA students made better progress  than would have been reasonably expected when they joined in year 7. This outcome supports the OFSTED judgement that HFCA is a ‘Good’ school.

We strongly recommend that you have a look around and speak to staff at the Academy so that you can make an informed decision about what they have to offer. Parents are invited to attend and their open evenings and if you are unable to make those, the school are happy for you to make appointments to go to look around at times to suit.

The Future of Holy Family Catholic Academy



Holy Family Catholic Academy was established in 2013 in succession to St Andrew’ College, a joint Catholic and Church of England School, and, prior to that, St Mary’s Catholic High School. Although its most recent Ofsted report judged Holy Family Catholic Academy to be a ‘good school’, where ‘standards are increasing rapidly’ and in which the ‘academy makes a strong contribution to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of students’, the low number of students enrolled in the academy meant that there were serious questions concerning its viability, and the Department for Education, Nottingham Roman Catholic Diocesan Education Service and Holy Family Catholic Academy Trust have been working to ensure the best future for staff and pupils of the academy. As a result of these discussions, the Wellspring Academy Trust will assume the sponsorship of the academy from 1st September 2017.


Peter Giorgio, Director of Education for the Diocese of Nottingham, said:

The Nottingham Roman Catholic Diocesan Education Service has successfully sponsored Holy Family Catholic School since its establishment in 2013. During that time, the academy has been rated good by Ofsted, and I am sure that the Wellspring Academy Trust, which is already involved in education in North East Lincolnshire, will continue to support the academy, and we wish the trust and the academy every success.


George Krawiec, Chair of the Holy Family Catholic Academy Trust, said:

The Holy Family Catholic Academy Trust is grateful for the support of the Nottingham Roman Catholic Diocesan Education Service during these last few years. I am pleased that discussions between school, sponsor and Government have resulted in an arrangement that will bring the security and stability that parents, staff and pupils need.

Almost 100 pupils will join Year Seven in September, as their parents can see that the academy’s values make it different and successful. Those who send their children to this academy can be assured that their children will receive top-quality education in a caring environment, and I am confident that the Wellspring Academy Trust, which is looking forward to welcoming Holy Family Catholic Academy to its portfolio of schools, will continue to do that.


Father Andrew Cole, Parish Priest of the Catholic Parish of the Holy Trinity, Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Immingham, which is served by Holy Family Catholic Academy, said:

Holy Family Catholic Academy has had a very important role in the life of this parish, and is a very good school. I am obviously saddened that it will no longer be a Catholic school, but am certain that the new sponsor, whose ‘vision is one of inclusive, high achieving, community schools’, will continue Holy Family’s excellent ethos, and as parish priest I am happy to work with them so that parents who want their children to have an ethos-based education can continue to do so.